Suomen Vetylaakso Ry

The purpose of the Finnish Hydrogen Valley Association is to promote the conditions for the economic exploitation of the production potential of renewable energy and the hydrogen economy and the development of business based on these in Finland, and in particular. Eastern and South-Eastern Finland. The association includes industrial companies, energy companies, technology and service companies related to the hydrogen economy, municipalities in the region and research and educational institutions.

A legal entity engaged in business activities and other legal entities and natural persons with an interest in the development of renewable energy and the hydrogen economy may become full members of the association. Members are divided into different types of membership according to the type and size of the entity. In addition, an association may have supporting members.

The number of votes a full member has at the Association's meetings depends on the member's membership fee. A member is entitled to 1 vote for every EUR 100 or more of the membership fee. A sustaining member has the right to attend and speak at meetings of the Association, but not the right to vote.

Membership fees €/year

  • Start-up company: (revenue less than 100 000€, less than 3 years old) 200€
  • Micro-enterprise: (revenue less than 2 000 000€) 500€
  • SME: (revenue less than 50 000 000€) 2000€
  • Large enterprise: (€50 000 000 or more) €5000
  • State research institute under the Ministry 5000€
  • Universities and colleges 5000€
  • Other public operators 5000€
  • Municipalities, cities, development agencies (30 000 inhabitants and more) 5000€
  • Municipalities, cities, development agencies (10 000 - 30 000 inhabitants) 3000€
  • Municipalities, cities, development companies (less than 10 000 inhabitants) 1000€
  • Association or foundation 500€
  • Sustaining member 1000€
  • Person's 50€

Membership application